Authorized Dealer Agreement

The temi Authorized Dealer Agreement (the “Contract”) defines the terms of your product sales rights and obligations below. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the authorized distributor, you agree to serve as a temi distributor in accordance with the terms of the agreement below. The licensed distributor undertakes to exempt the company and its related subsidiaries from any act, awards, rights, losses, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal costs) resulting from violation of this agreement by licensed traders or acts or omissions by gross negligence, gross, intentional or unlawful negligence of authorized traders, their employees, their employees, their agents, their subcontractors, their subcontractors, their agents or their representatives. The product and any sale of the product to end customers are subject to the company`s terms of use and after-sales rules, With respect to its obligations under this agreement, the authorized distributor undertakes to comply with all federal, national, local and foreign laws, constitutions, codes, statutes and regulations of each government authority that may apply to authorized traders, its activities under that agreement or to the company`s proceeds, including anti-corruption and anti-corruption laws. The authorized distributor undertakes to take all these other acts and to execute all other documents that the company can reasonably request in connection with this compliance. If necessary, the authorized distributor will seek, at its own expense, these authorizations, consents, certifications, licenses, registrations, authorizations and other authorizations, both governmental and non-governmental (together the “authorizations”), as soon as this is reasonably feasible. Once the purchase of the product (defined below), the authorized distributor receives: In the event of a malfunction or alleged defect of a product, the authorized distributor, its representatives or representatives will not provide an explanation of the cause until informing the company and having received the company`s written analysis of the malfunction or defect, and will make no different statement of the results of this analysis. The licensed distributor retains and has adequate staff to meet its obligations under this agreement. The licensed distributor will cooperate fully with the company and assist it in its efforts to protect the company`s intellectual property rights and exercise due diligence in detecting the business, and will notify the company without delay if the authorized distributor is aware of: (a) a violation of patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights that are the property of the company or that are used by the company; and (b) claims or objections that the marketing of the product by the licensed distributor may or will infringe another person`s patents, copyrights, trademarks or other property rights.

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