Subject Verb Agreement Usa Test Prep Answers

The verb in this sentence should correspond to the following sentence, which is a list of plural substrates; Therefore, the phrase “there was not enough” is the most appropriate. Johnson has only one show with several episodes, and so the error is a subject-verb chord problem that can only be solved with “Show is”. The error is the subject-verb chord, so the correct answer should “show these clips.” The original word choice is the only pair of noun verbs that correctly link the singular “type” to the stressed part. Remember: all names associated with a single name or clause must correspond, either singular or plural. As written, the sentence has no agreement between its subject “tumult” and its main verb “what” (as written). You can`t change the “tumult” to “tumult” because the theme is later called “this” in the plural sentence. Therefore, the correct answer is the one that replaced the singular form “was” with the plural “were.” As noted above, the selection concerns the lack of agreement between the purpose of the dependent clause and its verb. The theme of the clause is “judgment” and the verb is “distinguish.” As an individual, “judgment” requires a “-s” as the end of the verb. But don`t make that change! As the author counters a number of judgments, it is preferable to make the plural theme, which makes the subject and the verb coincide. Choose the correct form of the verb that matches the theme. The student whose hand was up (1) gave the wrong answer.

She was asked what a background adjective (2) was and she replied that a background adjective was an adjective that (3) described a substance. “No!” (4) the teacher barked. “A substantial adjective replaces a noun in a sentence, such as when someone speaks of the rich and the poor (5). You didn`t learn anything in this class? Then he asked what an adjective of superlatives was, to which she replied (6) that an adjective of superlatives had replaced a noc bite in a sentence. “But that`s (7) what I just said,” the professor cried. (8) The student had said (9) that she had heard it, so (10) she answered her question.

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