Tcc Articulation Agreements

Thanks to the transfer agreements, your options are wide open at Tidewater Community College. Transfer your credits to a 4-year-old institution, or guarantee acceptance at more than 30 colleges and universities, while saving thousands of tuition fees. TCC ensures a seamless transfer of your classes through guaranteed admission agreements and specific transfer partnerships to institutes and programs. Use the tool below to plan your transfer to a bachelor`s degree! In the drop-down list, select the 4-year-old university or university you want to visit. (The drop-down list only lists schools with transmission agreements with CBT.) Information about the transmission of this establishment is posted below. Florida has a two-and-a-half-year joint system. Students who graduate from TCC or any of Florida`s other community colleges receive admission to one of the state`s 12 universities. Graduates from a given university or restricted programs. These agreements are intended to facilitate the admission and academic transfer of students from certain colleges and universities to Texas Chiropractic College (TCC). They will ensure a smooth transition for students from these higher education institutions who have achieved the prerequisites in the “Doctor of Chiropractic” TCC courses. To discuss these options with a CBT admissions counsellor, call 1-800-468-6839 or 281-998-6007 or email

Don`t be discouraged by a busy schedule to advance your training! CBT`s online transfer programs and diplomas allow you to prepare for your admission to the school of your dreams! This innovative transfer program allows students to complete two-year transfer studies in business management or general studies at CBT in just 12 months. Suite 101 – VMA College Station, TX 77843-4461 800-874-9591 979-845-4941 Check out TCC`s course requirements. For students considering moving to bachelor`s degrees to study computer science or any other related field. University Transfer Office Life Sciences – Prehealth Advising 208 Life Sciences East Stillwater, OK 74078 405-744-9965 Check out CBT requirements. The Arts Associate Diploma (DTA) is the perfect diploma for most students who intend to move to a 4-year university. The AA (DTA) is a 2-year degree that completes the first two years of general education for many bachelor`s programs in 4-year colleges, so you are at or near junior level and start taking courses in your main subject. To meet graduation needs, choose from a wide range of courses in English, mathematics, humanities, social sciences and science. You will find the specific requirements for the diploma in our catalogue of higher education. Office of Admission 5912 Spencer Highway Pasadena, TX 77505 800-468-6839 281-998-6007 The Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management is a career-oriented degree that combines courses in technical, academic and professional management. It is aimed at graduates of an associate course who wish to improve their current skills with a bachelor`s degree that provides the knowledge and management know-how to meet the demand of the sector. .

Once you have registered and completed the orientation, contact a CBT counsellor and your planned transfer school to ensure that you are taking the course. Stop for consultation in Building 7, call them at 253-566-6091 or drop a line. . The Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Systems and Technology will enable graduates to meet the needs of a wide range of computer skills. Designed for students to go into this engineering discipline as a junior in a four-year institution.

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