Maharashtra Agreement Search

There are in principle two ways to verify the authenticity of your lease registered in Pune and Mumbai. 1st way: Payable. 2. Path: Free To verify that the lease you got is genuine and correct, the free method is sufficient because it shows the extract of the registered holiday and license contract Step 1: for free search Visit: for paid search Visit: Step 2: In the free search visit: Can we search Index II or Online Document and how do I search Index II or Online Document? Yes, Registration and Stamps Department, Maharashtra State Government is the first to introduce “e Search” into the country in real time. The basic name look-up is also available after entering the property number. “I appreciate the work of Deputy Director Pune`s office. I especially thank his teammates for looking for the very old documents. The Office systematically ordered all the documents. Given the high heat, I would like to suggest that the air stick be made available in the office. This will help staff and visitors to have comfort. Again, thank you very much for your team`s assistance in providing the Index II document. Filing, eFiling & eRegistration data is now available for search.

Data for 1985-2002 are also available for the search for selected offices. To avoid fraud in real estate, it is necessary to make a real estate search. The purchase of real estate or the mortgage by scheduling, transaction search report is essential to verify the chain of the transaction history, must physically search all previously registered documents on related real estate. 1) To browse a particular document and index – II or 2) To browse all the registered documents of a particular property and its index – II and 3) To browse all the documents of a particular person or party and its index – I In the application, it is necessary to mention the information and period indicated above and affix 5 / – legal fee stamps (in the form of a label) to the application. Search fee: 25/- per year for the search for a property or the name for each name or property. . . .

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