Emphatic Agreement In English

Creating an emphatic expression involves adding an adv-verb to your existing sentence or phrase to make your feelings even stronger. In an emphatic sentence, the adverb-intensifier is always added before the verb. The most common emphatic amplifiers in English (in my opinion) are “really” and “a lot.” I`m sure you`ve heard that people often use these words, in fact I used one in the title of this article. @ashley Hello Ashley, I`m glad you enjoy the blog and I hope this post was especially helpful. With regard to other proposals to emphasize mood, as an excuse, much of the mood is transposed into a sentence by bending and tone. For example, the same words could be used to express sincere apologies and sarcasm, but the tone of the person`s voice would be different. Here`s an example that uses the word “so” to create a pressing apology: “I`m really sorry.” Depending on the tone, this might seem sincere or sarcastic. I think the sincerity of your sentences is conveyed more by sound than by words. I hope it helps.

– Gabriele Is it good, “is” to use instead of “are” in the case of a singular “sies” if we want to make it stronger? All this needs to be contextualized in the news and also in the audio. Please don`t take this in the wrong direction. I say that as a student of the English language. Here in Brazil, there are millions of people who sing English. And some Americans are here to make a lot of money with esl. I skin that for us Brazilians, it will be more effective if you create news in which you use emphatic expressions to make them more memorable. There are a number of useful emphatic amplifiers that would be good for you to know. I`ve listed some of the most common of these below. After this list, you will find a group of sentences with spaces in which you can practice filling several highlighted accents to create your own sentences.

Each of the words on the list can be inserted into one of the spaces in the following sentences. This is the personal choice of accents you use, which is why it might be fun to try these different amplifiers in the different sentences below and see which one you like best. Also listen to how others, especially native speakers, use these words to emphasize their point of view. This can help you decide which intensive adverbs you will like.

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