Royalty Free Software License Agreement

We or a certified public accountant acting on our behalf, you may verify upon reasonable request and at its expense with respect to the use of the software. Such an examination may be carried out by post, electronically or by a personal visit to your place of activity. Such personal checks are carried out in your establishments during normal business hours and must not inappropriately interfere with your business activities. As part of an audit, we will not remove, copy or transmit electronic material. If an audit reveals that you are using the software in a manner that materially violates the terms of the license agreement, you will be required to pay our reasonable fee for performing the audit. In the event of a material breach, you agree to pay us all sums due to the unauthorized use. In the alternative, we reserve the right to terminate the software licenses after our sole choice. You may not distribute the Software or modifications without our prior written consent, except by incorporating the Software or any part thereof into your own product, which must have a functionality materially different from that of the Software or the Modifications and must not allow third parties to use the Software or the modifications or parts thereof for software or application development purposes. You may not expressly redistribute the software or modifications as part of a product that may be described as a development tool box or library, application builder, website builder or product intended for use by software, application or website developers or designers.

You may modify or remove the copyright notice of any files or modifications contained in the software. “Seller grants Buyer a non-exclusive, irrevocable, free, fully paid license to use the Software within the Zone.” This license applies only to the version of the software available at the time of purchase, in conjunction with the terms of this license agreement. Any prior or subsequent license granted to you to use the Software is subject to the terms of the agreement entered into in connection with the purchase of that version of the Software. You agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the Software, including, but not limited to, all export and export control laws and regulations.. . . .

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