Vendor Space Rental Agreement

The seller agrees to provide a ticket to each item he offers for sale which includes the sale, price, seller # / stand # and a brief description of the item for sale. Example: necklace #1234/1020 Pink Pearl. The stand number and description are optional, but recommended, especially if more than one location/stand# applies to this supplier. Store undertakes, after signing this agreement, to provide maintenance, sales support and appropriate security for Booth content in a clean and user-friendly environment. The company undertakes to take all appropriate measures to protect the sales products against theft or damage during the rental period. The shop reserves the right to refuse any item offered for sale if it is deemed “inappropriate” at the discretion of the shop. The shop undertakes to be responsible for the payment of all turnover taxes as store expenses. The store agrees to pay the seller monthly (30-day billing cycles) for all accumulated net sales dollars (net of commission and rent due). The supplier can provide a flexible discount that can only be used for internal negotiations – in order to reduce calls to the supplier and make it easier to sell products from this level. Requests for further discounts/rebates are forwarded to the supplier for review and response. If contact is not available, only a flexible discount will be applied. If there is no flexible discount, we will inform the customer that we are not allowed to negotiate the price of tickets. By signing this contract, the seller agrees to be responsible for the attractive presentation of the agreed goods inside the assigned place.

The supplier is responsible for maintaining a clean and welcoming environment inside the stand. to keep their products only in approved zones. The seller understands that the shop is not responsible for the loss of an item due to theft or damage and that the shop is not responsible for the insurance of the seller`s property, whether for sale or exhibition. Seller understands that all items remaining at Booth two (2) calendar days after termination of the Rental Agreement become the property of Store, unless other agreements are made in writing. The reset situation can take place every day of the week during business hours. Due to the high volume of purchases, it is preferable that resets are not done on weekends (Sa/So). The outstanding rent must be paid in full for its billing cycle, or a penalty of $25.00 is added to the amount currently due and all ongoing sales at the indicated cabin will be seized to pay the late and currently ongoing rent.

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